How toget the gem in the casino bathroom in luigis mansion 3?

How toget the gem in the casino bathroom in luigis mansion 3?

He must first use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a drain on the floor of the men’s restroom which can be seen through the mirror. Gooigi then needs to fall through and head left to get to a valve, which he must turn to stop the water flow in the women’s restroom. He is then able to go back and get the gem.

How do you get the gem out of the bathroom in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Become Luigi and, if you haven’t already, use your plunger to remove the cap on the grate in the top left corner of the bathroom. Become Gooigi again, and ooze through the grate from the men’s to the women’s bathroom. Collect the purple gem from the leftmost toilet.

How do you get the gem in the bathroom in Luigi’s Mansion?

White Gem: Restroom – Go to the left restroom and use the Dark-Light on the right sink to make a faucet appear. Use it and a Gem Ghost will appear. Red Gem: Dressing Room – Shine the Dark-Light on the piano, then play it to make the red gem appear in this backstage room.

How do you open the door in the bathroom in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Luigi needs to use the Suction Shot on a grate so Gooigi can enter the left restroom. Gooigi must then use the Suction Shot on the middle stall’s door to destroy it and reveal a group of rats sitting on the toilet. He then needs to find the glowing one with the elevator button to flash it and get the button back.

Where is the Boo on 3F?

3F Hidden Boo

Go to the men’s bathroom, interact with the right hand toilet. Now, head outside and answer the phone. Now, go to the jail cell, where you fight the security guard, interact with something in the room. Next is to head back to the men’s bathroom, interact with the sink.

How do you open the safe in the candy room?

What do you do in the bathroom in Luigi’s Mansion?

While making your way up the giant plant in Garden Suites, Luigi will be blocked by thorns. You’ll need to head into the Thorny Bathroom to clear the way, breaking apart the root of the thorns. To do so, fire a suction cup at the nearby trash can. Drag it close to the toilet, and slam it down.

How do I use gem Finder?

As soon as you purchase it it will randomly decide which gem to highlight and pop the icon onto your map. To “use” it then you just need to open the map and see where the gem icon has appeared.

How do you get gem in service on stairwell?

Yellow Gem: Service Stairwell – In the stairwell, go to the door leading to 1F: Lobby and slide through the vent with Gooigi. Pull back the carpet above to find a path to this gem. White Gem: Lobby – On the left corner, use Black-Light to reveal a hidden sofa. Capture the Gem Ghost to get this collectible.

How do you get the gem in the mushroom suite?

In the Mushroom Suite make your way onto the bed on the left side of the room. Vacuum up the covers on the side and walk down the vine into the basement. Send Gooigi so the pipe on the far wall and then use his flashlight on the flower to get the Green Gem.

What happens if you collect all the gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Collecting all the gems will unlock a special statue of Luigi for the player to admire. It is decorated with the gems that were collected.

How do you get gems in lobby in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Use a suction shot on the potted plant next to the elevator. To the right of the Grand Lobby elevator is a gem in a potted plant. Use the suction shot to break the vase and release the gem. Use a suction shot and pull on this panel underneath the painting of the hotel in the hotel lounge area.