How to have a wedding at bell isle casino?

How to have a wedding at bell isle casino?

The Belle Isle Casino is a rental facility that can accommodate approximately 200 guests on the lower level or the upper level. The facility rental fee is $2000.00, which includes a $500.00 refundable security deposit.

Can you get married on Belle Isle?

Belle Isle has so many incredible places to tie the knot, including the Casino, Dossin Museum, and the Fountain. If you happen to drive by the Conservatory on a weekend afternoon, you’re likely to see a wedding party outside.

Do you need a permit to take pictures at Belle Isle?

Deposits can be made at the Belle Isle Park administration office, 99 Pleasure Dr., Detroit, MI 48207. Commercial use requests can be made via email to [email protected] or in-person (by appointment only).
Commercial photography use fees. Type of photoshoot Photoshoot fee Student filming $200 JoŇ° 5 redova.

How do I reserve a shed at Belle Isle?

* Prices and Locations are subject to change Visit or call 1-800-447-2757 to reserve a date. Shelters reservations can be made up to one year in advance. The shelters seat less than max capacity, so please plan accordingly.