How to get key for sierra madre casino?

How to get key for sierra madre casino?

Casino security passcode – On the counter of the bar upstairs. Cashier’s key – In the filing cabinet near the Guns and Bullets. Vending machine code – “Scotch” – Can be found in the room next to the Auto-Doc room.

How do I get Sierra Madre voucher?

Winning 7,500 chips at the Sierra Madre casino will award the complimentary voucher, and is the final reward tier before the player character is banned from gambling there.

Where is the Sierra Madre backstage key?

Just in front of the stage, there is a music stand with some Mentats and purified water on the ground. Grab the sheet music (Vera Keyes’ partitures), which will also provide the backstage key.

What happens if you merge dog?

Note: There is a dramatic change to Dog and God’s ending if you merge them together. They will not remember you, but will mention having a sense of gratitude toward you. The merged personality will not attack you.

How do you gamble in the Sierra Madre?

Once you are inside the Sierra Madre the casino is actually open for gambling. You can purchase chips from the hologram cashier. The casino has blackjack, slots, and roulette. Now, the maximum amount you are allowed to win is 10,000 Sierra Madre chips before you are banned.

How do you gain access to the casino electrical closet?

What is a complimentary voucher?

1 a document serving as evidence for some claimed transaction, as the receipt or expenditure of money. 2 (Brit) a ticket or card serving as a substitute for cash.

How do you use complimentary vouchers?

You have to win at least 7500 chips gambling at the Sierra Madre, then redeem your complimentary gifts at the counter. That will give you the first voucher. Then you have to use it at one of the machines in the DLC before you go back to the Mojave.

Can you keep Dean Domino alive?

If one upsets Domino in this instance, it will affect his fate at the end of the main story line and makes keeping Dean Domino alive impossible.

Where is Vera’s master key?

Vera’s backstage key – On a desk in Dean Domino’s dressing room. Dean Domino’s blackmail evidence – In the safe in Dean’s dressing room. Dean Domino’s “Saw Her Yesterday” song – Holotape, on a table in the corner in Vera’s dressing room. Vera’s master key – Under the “Saw Her Yesterday” holotape.

How do you activate holograms on Dean Domino?

The terminal to activate the first hologram can be found nearby from Dean’s gala position, through the door opposite the one that was entered and down one level. The second hologram is across from the first a little further away from Dean, on the second floor through a hole in the wall.

What is the Sierra Madre gas?

The Cloud is an airborne toxin, spewed over the dead city of the Sierra Madre by the air conditioning and climate control systems inside the Sierra Madre Casino Resort. Over the years, the Cloud has only grown into a massive blood-red fog that blankets the entire Sierra Madre.

Should I use dog or God?

god is better if you have a higher sneak skill because you can just sneak and avoid traps. dog is better if you want to engage enemies head on rather than sneak.