How to get free chips for double down casino?

How to get free chips for double down casino?

How can I earn more free chips? Visit the casino every day to take your free Daily Wheel spin. Take extra spins of the wheel by sharing gifts with friends. Like DoubleDown Casino on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra giveaways. Subscribe to our promotional newsletter.

Where do you enter promo code on DoubleDown Casino?

When logged in and Doubledown is open, click on the codes page and open the code. Click on the link provided and, while it is loading, close Doubledown page. While Doubledown page is opening, reload codes page. Repeat until all codes redeemed.

How do you level up fast in DoubleDown Casino?

You earn more XP with larger bets than small.

As you play DoubleDown Classic Slots, you gain experience to advance through a system of levels. As you level up, you gain increasing rewards! You earn experience for every bet you place. Higher bets will help you level up faster.

How do you get free chips for DoubleDown Casino on IPAD?

Take your free Daily Bonus spin, log in to Facebook to share gifts with friends, and follow us on social media to collect free bonus chips and keep the fun going! Internet connection required to play.

How do you restart DoubleDown Casino?

Restart your device.

Turning the device off and back on is a great first step when you’re having issues. Press and hold the Power button, then follow any prompts that appear to confirm the restart.

How do you play Double Down?

Why can’t I get into DoubleDown Casino?

Sometimes, just stopping a process and starting it from scratch is all you need to do. It’s especially helpful if the browser session has been going on for a while, or if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Clear your browser cache. It’s a common solution for problems on many websites.

How do I contact Double Down Casino?

Access to and Ability to Correct Personal Information

If you have questions or requests about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

How does Double Down Casino work?

The DoubleDown Casino is a social gaming site, a completely free casino that offers IGT gaming, including slots, table games, and video poker. It’s a fun place to connect with your friends and spin the reels for a while without the worry of having to find a site that you can both join and transfer money into with ease.

Can I play DoubleDown Casino without Facebook? is a separate website featuring only our casino, where you can log in with your Facebook account to play. The following features are only available while playing directly on Facebook: Earn the Friend Bonus on your Daily Wheel.

Who owns DoubleDown interactive?

International Game Technology
Double-Down Interactive, makers of The DoubleDown Casino game for Facebook, is being bought by Nevada-based slot-machine producer International Game Technology for $500 million.

Is DoubleDown Casino free to play?

DoubleDown Casino is FREE TO PLAY, which means you never have to make a purchase to play. We offer MANY ways to collect FREE CHIPS!.