How to get back to the casino on dead money?

How to get back to the casino on dead money?

Unless they changed it for the Ultimate Edition, once you complete Dead Money you can’t go back to the Sierra Madre, sadly.

How do I get my stuff back in dead money?

When you go, all your items are taken from you so you have nothing at the start of the DLC. When you return to the bunker at the end, and go up the stairs, you get everything back.

How do I get out of the Sierra Madre?

Your character will appear to die from falling damage despite respawning on the gantry. Furthermore, this death loop occurs for any Sierra Madre savegame. To break this cycle, it is necessary to load a Mojave-based savegame, or exit the game completely, restart, and reload.

How does Elijah tell Veronica?

Head back to the Mojave Wasteland and find Veronica. Initiate dialogue and choose “Tell me about yourself.” Then exhaust all the options relating to Father Elijah. Now back out to her main dialogue menu and choose “I found Elijah.” To get this perk, you must let her have the holomessage.

What can I take to dead money?

Weapons Dead Money weapons. Automatic rifle. Cosmic knife clean. Cosmic knife super-heated. Demolition charge.

Why can’t you return to the Sierra Madre Casino?

I know that the design reason you can’t go back there is infinite chips, which means infinite stimpaks and the like.

How do you complete dead money?

Can you escape Sierra Madre all gold bars?

It is possible to escape the Sierra Madre Casino Vault with all 37 gold bars and trap Elijah in the vault for the Safety Deposit Box achievement.

How do I trap Elijah in the vault?

To trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre vault, the Courier must have at least one of the following skills at 75: Explosives, Science, Repair, Lockpick, Barter, or Sneak. If necessary, use a magazine before accessing the vault’s control terminal.

Can you bring companions to dead money?

Dead Money companions

These companions are only available while playing the Dead Money add-on, they are only temporary and will not follow the Courier around as standard companions do: Dean Domino, a ghoulified pre-War lounge singer. He is found in the Residential District of the Sierra Madre.

Who has the most caps in New Vegas?

The sink and Old Lady Gibson have the most caps. Quartermaster Bardon has the most Cap’s worth of inventory.

How do you get Christine to the elevator?

Quick walkthrough

Go through to the station, dealing with the radio speakers found along the way. Go along the walkways and through the rooms ahead until the maintenance elevator and remote maintenance terminal are reached. Christine will initiate a conversation. Decide to send Christine down in the elevator.

What happens if you trap Elijah in the vault?

TIL that if you trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre vault you can listen to him talking to himself on the radio.

How do I sneak past Elijah?

In order to sneak past Elijah and seal him in the vault, resulting in the Safety Deposit Box achievement, simply leave the vault when Elijah comes down and remain Hidden outside the blue forcefield barriers.