How does carnival casino credit work?

How does carnival casino credit work?

You can use your Carnival onboard credit in the casino, but you won’t be able to cash it out: you can only cash out your winnings. There is a 3% fee to withdraw your funds at a table game, but no fee to withdraw at the slot machines.

What are Carnival FunPlay credits?

FunPlay credit are U. dollars, non-transferable and may be issued in the form of cash, Free Play, onboard credit, or non-refundable onboard credit, as determined by Carnival in its sole discretion. FunPlay credit may vary based on sailing.

How do I check my Carnival on board credit?

Guests just have to log in to their Cruise Manager using the Carnival website. Then, browse the options and add what you’d like to purchase to your cart. Then go to check out. On the last screen, when you usually enter your payment information, you’ll immediately see that you have onboard credit you should apply.

What can you use onboard credit for?

What Onboard Credit Can Be Used For Spa services, such as massages or haircuts. Alcoholic drinks (including beverage packages) Specialty (up-charge) dining. Shore excursions. Gratuities (aka service charges) Onboard retail purchases (gift shop merch) Gambling and other onboard games. Internet access.

Can you use Carnival onboard credit for gratuities?

Sail Sign® is Carnival’s cashless on board credit program, which allows guests to charge onboard purchases and gratuities directly to a personal account for convenience.

What happens to unused onboard credit Carnival?

The onboard credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and has no cash value. Any unused portion of the onboard credit will be forfeited. Lowest Price Guarantee program may be discontinued or changed at any time.

How do you earn casino points on Carnival?

Every time you try your luck playing in our onboard Carnival Cruise Line® casinos, you’ll earn points… every hand, every spin. If you hit 7,500 points in one sailing, you’ll qualify for Carnival Players Club Premier cruises.

How do you use Carnival rate codes?

Contact Carnival Cruise Line (“Carnival”) to book your cruise and request Rate Code F1G. This offer may be redeemed online at, by calling the number listed on the mailer, or by contacting your travel agent.

Is the carnival radiance a new ship?

For 2020 sailings and beyond, our beloved Carnival Victory™ has a new name, remarkable new features and a whole new level of excitement around its transformation into Carnival Radiance™.

Can onboard credit be used in casino?

Can onboard credit be used in casinos? Yes, as of July 1, 2015, onboard credit can be used in our casinos.

Can you use cash on Carnival cruise?

Carnival operates on a cashless credit program on board which allows you to charge all your services, gratuities and purchases during your cruise to your stateroom. All locations on board will accept your Sail Sign card (onboard expense account) for payment; the casino will also accept cash.

How much is gratuity on a Carnival cruise?

For your convenience, Carnival automatically charges the gratuities for dining and stateroom staff to your onboard Sail Sign account. For all sailings: Standard Staterooms: $13.99 USD per person, per day. Suite Staterooms: $15.99 USD per person, per day.

What is onboard credit?

Onboard Credit (OBC) is virtually free money that you can spend on the ship. This extra perk is typically an exclusive offer provided by United Cruises, or a special deal we’ve negotiated with the cruise line to ensure you get the most value for your money.

How do you use your cruise credit?

The credit is typically broken down by each individual guest on the reservation, and their charges. The full amount of your FCC can be applied to the base cruise fare on a new booking, but only if the passenger whose name it is under is the one who is booking.

What is shore excursion credit?

The shore excursions credit is a use it or lose it deal. If you have an excursion through NCL in a port you will get 50 credit to your ship board account. As long as the excursion was over 50.