How do i collect party prizes on jackpot party casino?

How do i collect party prizes on jackpot party casino?

When you win big in Jackpot Party, you get more than just coins in your bankroll—you also get a party prize! Party prizes come in different sizes, awarded randomly, regardless of the size of the big win.

How do you win a league medallion in Jackpot Party?

Once you have unlocked Jackpot Party Lightning Leagues, you have a chance to earn League medallions with every winning spin on Leagues-eligible slot machines. Just look for the slot machines with the League medallion in the top left-hand corner.

How do you send gifts on Jackpot Party Casino?

In the lower left portion of the main lobby next to your Timed Bonus is a present icon. There may be a red circle with a white number hovering over part of the present. If you see this, it means you have gifts waiting to be collected! Click on the present icon to both send gifts to your friends and collect your gifts.

What is honey pass in Jackpot Party Casino?

Honey Pass is a month-long event that rewards you for completing your daily Honey-Do and Extra Credit tasks. The feature starts on the first of each month and is completed on the last day of the month.

How do you add friends on Jackpot Party?

From the Lobby, tap the Friends tab. Tap the Invite Friends to Play button. Search for your friends and Invite them to play! 26.

What do Honey Bucks do on Jackpot Party?

Honey Bucks are a special in-game currency that allow you to instantly open any party prize, get instant access to Sneak Peak slots, upgrade your All-Stars, and advance more quickly in Epic Collections! You can earn Honey Bucks by completing your Honey Do list, completing Extra Credit, and Big Win Party Prizes! 2.