Fallout new vegas seria madre casino how to get past the speakers in the clinic?

Fallout new vegas seria madre casino how to get past the speakers in the clinic?

Difficult-to-find speakers can often be disabled with grenades and other explosives, as they are extremely sensitive to damage, as long as they are not the shielded red-light type of speakers. Some speakers can simply be bypassed by moving quickly past them.

Can you get Christine’s voice back?

The Auto-Doc repeated the procedure for two weeks in which Christine eventually developed claustrophobia as a result. She later regains use of her voice when the operation is completed by the Auto-Doc in Vera Keyes’ hotel room.

How do I disable Tampico hologram security?

The stairs to the projector room are in the far left corner of the theater when facing the projector room (make sure one has Vera’s master key). There is a copy of Lying, Congressional Style found here on the shelf. Activate the projector with the holotape, and the security holograms will disappear.

Where is the key to the villa clinic basement?

The clinic basement key can be found on the same desk with the terminal listed above. A Dean’s secret stash can be found in the southeast corner of the Villa clinic entrance.

Where is Christine in the executive suites?

Enter the suite and find a bookshelf on the left holding a Big Book of Science. Christine is in the bedroom through the nearby door. There is an Auto-Doc on the left as you enter the room, which you can use to completely heal yourself.

Who put Christine in the Autodoc?

Dean Domino
4 Dean Domino Locked Her In The Auto-Doc, Not Elijah

However, it was actually Dean who locked Christine in the Auto-Doc and set it to replace her vocal cords, as he wanted to get into the vault as well.

What did Dean Domino do Christine?

While she was still out cold, he dragged her to the Villa’s clinic and placed her in an Auto-Doc, which he programmed to perform surgery on her vocal cords, altering her voice to sound like Keyes’, so she could at some point be used to unlock the vault.

How do I avoid killing Dean Domino?

In Order to avoid killing Dean, you MUST agree with working for Dean in your initial meeting, otherwise you will ‘insult his ego’. Any kind of confrontational speech with him should be avoided throughout the DLC.

How do you keep Dean alive?

If he seems friendly when you first talk to him there, he’ll stay alive, thankfully.
You must not: attempt any barter checks with him. If you do, pass or fail, he’ll betray you later. talk down to him. boss him around too much.

How do you activate holograms on Dean Domino?

The terminal to activate the first hologram can be found nearby from Dean’s gala position, through the door opposite the one that was entered and down one level. The second hologram is across from the first a little further away from Dean, on the second floor through a hole in the wall.

How do you get Christine to the elevator?

Quick walkthrough

Go through to the station, dealing with the radio speakers found along the way. Go along the walkways and through the rooms ahead until the maintenance elevator and remote maintenance terminal are reached. Christine will initiate a conversation. Decide to send Christine down in the elevator.

How do you get your dog to wait in the switching substation?

Get Dog to wait in the Switching Substation. Find two slabs of ghost harvester remains to convince Dog to stay in the Switching Substation. [Optional] Use the Switching Station terminal to lock Dog inside and force him to do his part of the Gala. Return to Dog with the Ghost Harvester remains.

Where is the Sierra Madre snow globe?

Salida del Sol North
Location. Salida del Sol North, in the upper levels near one of Dean’s Secret Stashes.