Fallout new vegas how to get into gamorrah casino cage?

Fallout new vegas how to get into gamorrah casino cage?

You’ll receive the Zoara Club key. Go to the elevator leading to the [Gomorrah Lower Level] (M7F:3). When you’re downstairs, open a door (M7G:1) with a key and head to the room where you’ll find Troike (M7G:2) #1.

How do I get into the bank in Gomorrah?

Just inside the lobby entrance is the casino floor, with casino games in the middle and the bank to the left for changing money. In the back left is the entrance to the Brimstone lounge. In the back right is the main elevator bank. The elevators go down to the lower lobby, or up to the suites level.

Can Dean Domino survive?

His final gig was to be at The Tampico, but that all changed when the bombs dropped; the security holograms activated and the Gala Event turned into a massacre. Domino survived the apocalypse, during which he began to undergo ghoulification.

How do I disable Tampico’s hologram security?

The stairs to the projector room are in the far left corner of the theater when facing the projector room (make sure one has Vera’s master key). There is a copy of Lying, Congressional Style found here on the shelf. Activate the projector with the holotape, and the security holograms will disappear.

How do you get into Cachino’s room?

Either way, with or without a purchased key, you’re going to need to head up to the suites in the casino to access Cachino’s private room. Use an elevator at the back end of the main floor to head up to the Suites Level. Once there, move forward and head left down the pathway you encounter.

How do you get the suite in the Lucky 38?

What should I do with Cachino’s Journal?

Cachino’s Journal should have enough proof to get him talking. Sell Cachino’s journal back to him and help take down the bosses, or show it to the bosses to get on their good side. Talk to Troike about mysterious gun shipments.

Who has Cachino’s room key?

Find proof that Cachino is pulling in work on the side; this is done by blackmailing him with his journal, found inside his room. The key to the room can be bought from the receptionist with 300 caps (a Barter check of 55 lowers it to 200) or by intimidating her with a Strength of 8.

How do I get my weapons back from Gomorrah?

Confiscated weapons can be reacquired in the bank room’s hidden safes, where the cashier is. Position yourself next to the rightmost safe (not the wall safes), look behind the safe next to you, and go into third-person mode. You should be able to access a “hidden” unowned safe containing all your weapons.

Where is the Gomorrah office?

Big Sal’s office is located upstairs from the main casino floor of Gomorrah, next to the Zoara Club. In order to reach this area, the Courier must first go through Brimstone. Next to the bar are two red couches, and a stairway leading upstairs.

How do I send my companion to the Presidential Suite?

Companions can be told to wait at the presidential suite by selecting the dialogue option to dismiss them and then confirming that they should meet the Courier at the Lucky 38. (Return to base for ED-E.

Is there a place I can store my stuff in Fallout New Vegas?

Field’s shack, Victor’s shack, the room at the novac hotel, the Sink from OWB, and any safehouses/quest entry points all work great. Most storage in the game is safe besides a few faction and quest related places (like don’t store stuff in the legion drop box).

Where is the Lucky 38 VIP keycard?

Camp Golf
Lucky 38 VIP keycard

Hanlon’s desk at Camp Golf in the House Resort (first floor, in the room left of vending machines). H H Tools factory, on the top floor in Anthony House’s office.